Joe and Francis Wedding


This Past Weekend, I went to Joe and Frances’s wedding. I was there friday and saturday, because I am a groomsman. On friday, we had a fun time just rapidly going through the ceremony. They have a really quick one, only 30 minutes long.

I wish I took more pictures of the place, but I did not, mostly because I was in the wedding. So I’ll just write about it.

-Day before Wedding –

I was going to meet the other groomsmen at the pizza place, but they were late so we ended up bringing the pizza to a park to eat. Ate our favorite, “Me n Ed’s” Hot Hawaiian.

The reception dinner was awesome, we had peking duck, and the joke was that we were joking about fusion food. And talking about a peking duck burrito, and guess what comes out? Peking Duck, but instead of a steam bun, we were given something similar to a onion pancake to wrap it in. So we made peking burritos, added the duck, white rice and the sauce. Smile

My most nervous part for the upcoming wedding is my magic show. I prepared for it, for almost 2 months. The theme/storyline was “a Joe and Frances warriors superfan”, which I wrote during Joe’s bachelor party (when I was sitting there reserving the picnic bench). For the past month I have been practicing it often, I feel like I put in 60 hours, from making music, to creating the props and just practicing the 11 minute show.

The last 2 tricks required me to practice with my assistant. So we spent around 40 minutes working on it, she watched the video of me performing it with Sherri, so it went by much faster.

– Day of Wedding –

I woke up naturally at 10am, and did some prepping for the magic show, and making sure I packed up all my props.

We went to the counter and ate lunch, and while we were there we gave Joe some advice on marriage, well the guys that were married mostly gave him the advice. I just kind of nodded and went that sounds good .

The wedding place was extremely hot. It must have been 90 outside, but it was still around 80 inside with the AC struggling to keep the place cool.

How would I describe the wedding venue, it was decked out in warrior theme. There was a will call, and all the wedding info looked like a warriors game ticket. 11667267_4455481022365_248794168880211803_n

The venue had blue and yellow lights lighting up the inside, with some colors schemes to make me think it was a warriors location.

My most nervous part of the night was the magic show, because it is my first big show ever. Where I wanted to put on a great show. So I left a little early during the first game to change my clothes, pray, and mentally prepare (Around 8:10pm). I got back down from changing at around 8:15. Then I was able to get the best man and other groomsmen to help me set up the tables and stage. So I actually got everything up quickly and with no problems (so at 8:25) I just walked around for 5 minutes waiting for my next . Then it was around 8:30 when they sent everyone to cut the cake. That was when I finally finished up my whole setup. So I think my show started fairly quickly at 8:38 (four minutes ahead of schedule).

I was so nervous that I accidentally sped through my first 3 tricks too fast. So I had to act bored and waste time a little bit. So I will work on that next time. I also tried to remind myself to smile and enjoy the show. I actually did start to enjoy the show once I slowed down after the first 2 minutes. When I could hear the music well, and get my timing down.

My favorite part of the show was hearing the crowd roar, like I was at a warriors game. The two biggest cheers I got was for the appearing sunglasses, and the warriors jersey appearing on me. That last one was amazing, it felt like I was at a game when the game winning shot went in.

The nicest part of performing is watching the reaction on people’s faces. Mostly just Joe and Frances. Her face looked mesmerized with disbelief at what she was seeing. Slack Jaw, it was the best part.

After the magic show, I enjoyed watching the next game, and eating dinner and the gelato.

The night had a semi-conclusion with the sparklers being sent off at 9:30. So we could watch fireworks, and hang outside. This allowed some people to leave early, and others to continue back in to dance.

The final thing was that Sherri got to drive my car today. It made me really scared, but she drove it safely and got to the place without making me regret the decision. Smile

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