Joey and Esther Wedding, Botched Magic Show

For church today, I gave a magic show for the graduating 6th graders. It was a show for all the kids, it was a below average show. I started off really good, with smoke from a bottle, and color changing of the water. But my coin flipping around trick turned out really bad. Sad smile Mostly because the 4th graders started saying how I did the trick before I even started. It was terrible, I ate it today. So I will never do that trick again, but I will make sure that my next tricks for them will work perfectly.


Today I got to celebrate Sherri’s Livingwater friend’s wedding. It was the Joey and Esther wedding. I went with Sherri and my sister. This is the first time I ever went to a wedding with my sister, saw a lot of livingwater people, and Sherri’s co-worker. I didn’t get to meet any of the higher ups, because she didn’t’ want me to be influenced by them.


Here is a picture of us before.


My sister took a selfieIMAG3793

Sherri’s co-worker really liked me. They saw the step in my feet and the happiness in my eyes. ^_^V


The theme of the wedding was balloons, and I had actually brought balloons but sherri didn’t want me to bring them in.


Here is our table, and someone named Mike sat across from me. I also learned that Sherri could not drink, or have a chance of drinking in public because she worked SUM College.


Here is the photobooth, which had the same props that sherri had made for Sun’s Wedding.

Overall it was a pretty fun wedding, however not that many people danced. The groomsmen had to come out to get people to dance. So it ended up being really awesome. It was a pretty simple wedding, they took out the bouquet and garter throw. I enjoyed it.

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