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Today is one of the first days that I have finally had to leave my house and do stuff with my friends. For the past few months I have mostly tried to not do anything except make time to help my dad.

It was a 2 part event, there was a wine and cheese thing at my friend’s house, and then escape the room: puzzle room.

Lets start with the wine and cheese. Realistically to me, I don’t know much about how to choose cheeses for wine. So I went to sprouts and just looked at cheese, then I researched on wiki. I came across this purple moon cheese already pre-soaked in cabernet. However, since we were drinking wine, I don’t think that would be a good fit, if we were drinking a white wine.

Next cheese I saw was some limburger. It looked like it would be pretty good, however when I started reading the wiki I got a little nervous.

Limburger is a cheese that originated during the 19th century in the historical Duchy of Limburg, which is now divided among modern-day Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands. The cheese is especially known for its pungent odor caused by the bacteria Brevibacterium linens, which is partially responsible for body odor and particularly smelly feet.[1]

The though of a smelly feet cheese didn’t sound too appealing. So I ended up with a cheese called montegro.

The wine party was awesome. Frances and Joe were really good hosts, and we tried all the cheese. I think they had so much wine left that some of the guys overdrank which made me a little sad… (I’ll get to it later).

After the wine, it was time to go out to the city and escape the room with some of the people from the wine party.

One of the things that makes me get angry when I am in the city is trying to find parking. Especially since there was a “NIHONMACHI” Street Fair in the city, I was not able to park anywhere close. A good half mile away.



I was there with Sherri and Chosen. I really enjoy hanging out with both of them. And for some reason, Chosen is always so open and real. On our drive out there, we had a good time just chatting about life, especially when we talk about certain topics like girls, and situations. Bad work situations, and how to deal with them .IMAG3714

Fun couple photoIMAG3721

We were able to catch the end of a drum demonstration, and walked around looking for really cool/cartoony items.


I love the picture of this cartoon character. Reminds me of a hamtaro that is a tofu. Sometimes I wonder if I was trapped in a room, I would hope it was an anime room, filled with a boatload of anime characters.



I ended up buying this rabbit attacking lemon shirt, the men’s version, not this female version.



I think this is one of the new popular things going around in japan. It is Domo’s brother, Danbo. I’m not sure if it is called “Dan Bo”, or “Dan Board”. Because it is a japanese word ….

Now onto my angry moment, while I was walking around looking at those cute toys, I get a text from one person in our escape the room group who says he can’t go. He tells me he drank too much, and is not going to be able to make it. This irks me a lot because there is almost no way for me to find a replacement now. Unless I can find someone who is living out in the city to come and replace them.

So we call everyone we know, and none of them can make it. I then come up with another idea, why don’t we help Chosen get a date, have him find a random girl and invite her to do the escape the room with us. We didn’t find anyone to do that either (mostly because we didn’t’ try).

Anyway, 3 people could not make it to escape the room, but somehow one of the girls that was escaping with us found some of the other people who were at the wine party to come take their place. So we ended up being okay.


Here is escape the room, puzzle room sign. I won’t say anything about the clues, but talk about our experience.

It was a hot day, so that room was really hot, our moderator tried to do as much as he could to make sure the room was nice and cool. We always do the initial greeting were we talk about our skills. The joke of the day was that half of the people on our team had never done escape the room, except for the one I kind of put on for my birthday. So they said “I did Andrew’s escape the room”. Smile Which was the running tag line for the meet and greet.

As for the stragedy we had for the game, I was the point man, and made sure everyone was doing something. The one thing I marked down that I should do next time, is tell everyone that if they have an idea on how to solve a clue, and are not a person who speaks up a lot, that they should come tell me their idea. Then I can get everyone to hear it and do it. 

That would have saved some time, because one person on our group wanted to try this thing, but was telling another person who was working on a item, they didn’t really like the idea so they just ignored it. HAHAHAHA

Anyways, we ended up losing, and I was really really sad. 11782499_987380314625817_7391502494211929454_o

Some of the people on our team were kind of angry. Mostly because we were on the last clue, and had 8 minutes to figure it out, and we couldn’t figure it out.

However, I think it was a really fun game, a great way to bond with other people from church, and when we were eating dinner at the korean place next door we were able to debrief, and have a lot to talk about. I’m not waiting for the next game, because I

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