don’t eat moldy bread

I always wondered what would happen if someone ate bread for a bag of moldy bread. Because I usually threw out a bag of bread if i saw mold in it, whether it was at home or during my time working in the cafeteria. So I know that happens.

I think it was a while ago when I came home, and my freshman roommate asked me somthing about having pepto bismal. And I told him I don’t, and I asked him why. Then he told me that he was making grilled cheeses. And that he saw mold on the first bread so he threw away the moldy ones inside the bag and ate the other ones. My jaw just dropped and I wanted to laugh so hard, but i resisted the urge. I just ended up saying “That’s going to be a problem, good luck in the bathroom.” So I think that freshie has been freaked out for life about eating bread.

I’ll post again tonight, because I’m in the writing mode. And i was thinking, you know what would be really funny to put on the wall. If I took a funny face picture, my roommate took a funny face picture, and we blew them up and hung it on the wall. I’m thinking 3 feet diameter heads. Actually, i’m just going to put a siloutte up of whatever comes out of my hands and onto the paper.

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