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So I was walking around the house, and noticed that there was a lot of white walls, and holes in them. And the place looked really “dull”, and i was thinking that maybe i should decorate the inside of the house with stuff to make it more “livelier”, so I can mask the dirtyness. The room, Mark and I live in looks fairly nice, because we decorated it a little. We have 2 white boards that I don’t ever use. So I think next quarter, I’m going to make put “random Art of war quotes on it.

Back to the decorting. So I was sitting there thinking what I could do to make the place look nicer. So I decided I could buy stuff to make it look nice. So I go to the dollar store and buy a very inefficient glue gun, and glue sticks (that work at melting the glue, so I’m happy with it), and a clock, and batteries.

Currently, I’ve been scouring the web for things I could make with plastic water bottles, and I’ve come up with some projects (that’s why i bought the glue gun). So I’ve made some “jelly fish” looking things from the plastic bottles. I think later today, I’m going to go find some construction paper, and make random shapes, and put it on the wall randomly. I’ll call it contemporary abstract art. And hope the other person comes up with a conclusion that I didn’t think about. Like, it looks like a diode that wants to be free from the circuit board.

Finally, i have 2 more finals to go. It should be like eating cake (I just hope the cake isn’t too big) or 3 milkshakes (which gave me the nastiest headache, and funniest feeling in my stomach of feeling full, but not full)

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