up early, sleep late

So last night, I was playing video games and talking to vinesh online. He was working on his project, and I was cleaning up my room. So I was online talking to him until 3:45 am, when I went to take a power nap because I was going to keep him company online. But it didn’t happen. I went to bed, and I didn’t wake up until 9:00am.

I got back home at around 1:30pm. And proceded to go to sleep, becuase i had to go to phoebe’s birthday party. We had some butterfly pawns, and chinese food. It was really good. And I played with all the little ones. And Matthew (1.5 years old) kept on wanting me to carry him, because he would walk to me and step on my feet and grab my arms while i was talking. I did carry him for a long time, it reminded me of my friends dog. When I first went to his house, his dog kept on licking my hand, and I didn’t know why. And my friend was telling me that his dog wanted to be scratched that’s why it kept on licking my hand, and trying to put its paw on me.

Time to sleep.

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