So I tried to go to sleep early. ANd as you can tell from the time. I didn’t. It felt like I was on nos. I went to bed at 10 and never really fell asleep. So now I’m awake. But i’m going to put myself back to sleep by studying. So something with happen. I will either fall asleep or study for a long long time. It’s going to be a win win situation.

Now the second thing I want to say. I was talking Doug online today. And he is going to selll me his pawn fender strat that he bought for $50 and give me an amp, and for 10 more dollars a distortion pedal. So I’m going to buy it from him. I think vinesh might need the electric guitar, and I could use the distortion pedal, and maybe the amp will be really powerful. But my favorite part was how I asked him on aim the specs on his amp.

mIghTydru: how powerful is your amp?
mIghTydru: in watts?
r: It once saved a drowning childs life
mIghTydru: wow
mIghTydru: it can part water?
r: No
r: It electrified the water and killed the child
r: but he didn’t drown

That was so funny it automatically went on my profile, as vinesh put that one quote I made after the thermo test

[9:37] i now know what its like
[9:37] for a rwandan kid to see food, but have it taken from him

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