informal interview

Hmm, I’m not too high on informal interviews now. Because it means, that the interviewer just asks questions randomly. And if they are not that prepared, they have no questions to ask me. So I have to ask them questions. But I woke up at 6:00am so i could take bart. I gave myself one hour extra. And there are a lot of people on bart at 6:45am. But I took the one hour trip to SFO, because I didn’t want to drive there. And the building is right off the tram going to the car rentals.

After that, at night I went out for dinner with my parents. And I picked up vinesh’s car and gave it a 10pm car wash. It was getting really cold, but his car was really dirty, so I needed to make it a little nicer before the trip to LA.

Currently, I think this is our plan. In one hour, conal will come. I will drive up to edris’s place in norris canyon. Then we will go down. And in 5 hours we will be in LA. It will be that simple.

And the ncaa games were really good, all of them went down to the wire. With the winning shots just coming. It was so nice to watch.

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