Okay, I still have access to a computer, but I’m just have more place to roam around in the house. So its more fun walking around the house.

Quickie recap. so on saturday i got back near mid-day. Then later in the night I went to my Phoebe’s 9th birthday.

Okay, maybe I should introduce name them, so you know who they are. (Also, my sister is not as tall as me, as the picture might show). As a combination of the boy being heavy, I was crouching so he could put his leg on my abs (of steel).

left to right, back row to front

candice, matthew, me, kelly ,wesley
justin, zoe, phoebe, brian

So at their house I just ate food, and played around with hte little ones. I’m not sure how my auntie did it, but she had dual parties for phoebe. The first one was in the afternoon with Phoebe’s classmates, and at night with family.

Sunday, I went to church with my parents, and then we went out to Oakland to visit my grandparents. My grandparents live right on the corner of mckinney and athol, so they have a lot of parking space in front of their house (even though they don’t drive). But I never really figured it out until 2 years ago, why (for at least 10 years) there was a UCSF van parked on the street near my grandparents house. Its because that’s where the carpool to UCSF was. But anyways, I had to help my grandma fill in some holes on the cement in the sidewalk.

Then monday came around, and I didn’t really do much (except the household chores, and other stuff)

Today, I got an interesting call from the City Of SF. I had applied for their internship program and they had called me back today. So after a few time adjustments, i’m going to have an interview with them this thursday. Originally, she wanted to put it next week (but i start college again) so I had her move it to this week. Then I looked at the map, and the interview is right at SFO at 9am. Its a good thing bart goes to the airport now, because I looked on the map, and it would have been a terrible drive. Right now, it looks like I will bart to sfo, and take the airport shuttle to the rental car place, and walk half a block to my destination (*i hope*).

Ooh, and tomorrow I get my grades. I’m not really that excited about it anymore. Most likely I’ll average what I’ve usually been averaging. That’s the funniest thing about college. My gpa doesn’t really change anymore. I take 5 classes, my gpa is usually the same as when i take only 3 classes. =(.

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