i didn’t eat so

now i have a headache. But my head still kind of hurts. So I’ll eat more food.

Today, the Tour of California came to San LUis Obispo. I think I’ll watch some of it tomorrow, by going to marsh street where it will start. My lab classmate watched them ride by hghland today, and therefore came to lab 45 minutes late (its open lab now). That guy has a lot of funny stories. I think he was in the military for several years because he has a 3 year old son. But he was telling me how his wife didn’t know why he named their kid Austin. His last name is brower, and since the son is 3 years old now, he can start to talk. But the kid can’t pronouce B’s correctly, and they sound like P’s.

I was looking to see what the jelly belly bike jerseys looked like. I had a few glances of it on tv, and it looks appetizing. http://www.bicyclinghub.com/jebefcost.html, then i was looking around and found google’s store. And they have a bike jersey also. https://www.googlestore.com/product.asp?catid=onsale&code=GO0113
That was just something interesting i saw.

Finally, I hate it when my emotions and mind have conflicting thoughts. A guy that i know, said some things that slighted me. But for some reason, I feel mad at him with my heart, but in my mind I just blow it off. So I will forget about it, but then my heart will say “you got disrespected boy”. Then I’m thinking, it doesn’t matter what the guy says. It pisses me off, becuase its like my emotion is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. And logically, it doesn’t really affect me. I hope that makes sense.

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