phone interview

I am not as smooth of a talker on the phone. So that foxhollow technologies man called me back today, and because they could not set up an appointment for me to visit their place he just gave me a phone interview. So I had a phone interview spontaneously. He asked me questions about my resume. I just pray that God will provide me with this opportunity. But I will find out on wednesday. If i don’t get it, I’ll just go sit in the closet and sleep.

As I was talking to the guy on the phone, he was just going up and down my resume. And I was nervous, so i paced back and forth from the kitchen. I almost started to make some food to keep myself still. I don’t know how well I articulted myself, but I hope I did it well enough, and I know my skills are there, because I had everything the guy needed. As long as he doesn’t knock me off with my gpa.

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