another sunny day

i thought today was going to rain but it didn’t so it made me happy, becuase i had a lot of class today, and if it was pouring i would have been drenched. What i don’t like is how i’m going to sleep later and later. It’s a good thing that turn back the clock is coming this sunday, so it will be 12:15pm when i write this next week.

Did i tell you how i accidentally superglued my i-control watch. So i can’t spin it so all it had was a date on it. So i was using my palm pilot as my time keeper. So i was sitting at the library studying. And for some reason, you can’t hear the bell tower from the library. But i didn’t really noticed that. So I was sitting htere reading my econ book, and i saw people get up to leave. So i was thinking it might be 9:30, and they just left. But after reading another chapter. I wondered why i didn’t hear the bell, so i ran over to a computer and looked. The time was 10:58. IT was a good thing i looked because my next class started at 11:10am. So i walked to class. What sucks about wednesday is that I eat breakfast at around 7:00am in the morning, and then go to class library, class, and then lab. So i don’t get a chance to eat until 3:00pm. Unless i eat my lunch at 10:30 am. But i’m not hungry then. So usually during my lab, i get really hungry, so it forces me and my lab partner to work faster, becuase we are both starving.

I hit my funnybone on the doorknob. It was a very hard hit also, because i had the stinging sensation for 5 minutes, and hte first 3 minutes i couldn’t clench a fist. I don’t know how it happened. I was just putting a shirt into the closet, and pulled my arm back, and hit my nerve right on the doorknob. My roommate was looking at me funny, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, as i was trying to shake the pain out of my hands.

I didn’t tell you about yesterday in the grill room. Well the people who were servers were dressed in pajamas, becuase they were having pajama day at the cafeteria. So all the peopler serving on the line had sleep caps on. And there is this one guy named Derek, who is a character in himself. Well he goes all out, and he wears his peppi lapui boxers (that french skunk who loves) and it says “You know you want me” on the boxer, and he was showing it to hte girls saying, “i know that’s what you gals are thinking”. then he walks away.

My roommate is going to dress up as the character from clockwork orange. He got some clothes from the vintage store. I think i should go there and get myself a very cool hat. I think on halloween, i’m going to make myself the invisible man. Yeah, that’s right .I ‘m going to hide myself in the closet and eat my candy in there, becuase i don’t want people bothering me. So i hope my roommates man the door, because i’m not stepping a foot outside. I just want to sleep.

I should start

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