I was mean to my sister today.

therefore i will give myself a timeout. So this it what happened. I was in the kitchen cutting food and prepping it up. I tell my sister she forgot to put the butter away in the fridge, and put it away for her. But she thinks that i want her to put it away so she starts coming down the stairs. While, i’m cutting the fat off of some chicken. So i hear this thud, and my sister starts crying, and because i don’t want to be bother, i just start cheering for the game on tv. Haha, i don’t know why i did it, but i knew my sister had just slipped on 2 steps and must have just rolled her ankle, because if it was a broken leg, i would have heard a snap, and a yelling of pain. So i just cheered at the tv for several minutes. My sister was telling me to help her, i told her not to move. Then i went back to cutting the chicken, it was really cold, and my hands were freezing after cutting it. So I just washed my hands in cold water, went upstairs, looked at my sister’s foot. Rotated it a little, and she said it hurt. Nothing wrong with it, looked like a rolled ankle, or a very minor sprain. Just moved her foot around, and everything was good. My sister was saying “you know i could have died, why did you take so long. You didn’t even look at me”. Haha, i told her, I could hear her fall down the stairs, then i proceded to do a reenactment of what happened to her. hmm, i’m not sure if i want to put this on my blog. I might look like an evil supervillian today.

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