Long Long Day

long long day,

I went to class at 8:00 and didn’t come back to my room until 8:00pm. Had a final in my lab from 2-4. I’m kind of mad, because i messed up on finding the resonancy frequency. I think i did a calculator mistake, becuase i had the right equation on the paper and right numbers. But i think i put the numbers in to my calculator and it magically messed it up.

I then sat down in the grass and studied some econ. Haha, that class is very easy. I was talkign to my firend and he said he never once opened up the book. We just read the notes in our green notebook. Everything we need to know is in there. I tried to feed him candy, but i found out that he doesn’t like candy. He only likes brownies and cookies, So i had some sour worms, cola flavored candy, and gummy bears. I asked my roommate if he wanted some, but he doesn’t eat candy also. Does nobody not eat candy? I think ate skittles, and i didn’t finish it all, because i didn’t like it anymore. So i asked my roommate if he wanted it, but he didn’t want it. So i just walked outside, saw justin and gave him a gift of half a bag of skittles. Thank goodness he took it, becuase i wouldn’t know whati would do.

I asked my marc if he would help get a girl. Then he made a joke saying that “none of them would want to datea creepy asain guy”. He has some chinese relatives because i asked him if he wanted a BBQ bun in chinese, nd he said he didn’t want any. I asked him if he knew what i just said and he said he knew what was.

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