i’ll try to post backwards and in a very boring fashion.

We sat around on the couch. Eating klondie ice cream bars, fruit roll ups, and caprisuns. And we watched NFL Primetime, ACe Ventura, Aqua teen, and some zoolander.

Before that, we sat in the civic, listening to the burger king joke by Dane Cook, and Stephen Lynch’s “Superhero” song. Then we popped in Oasis Live, and listened to that. We drove around to plesanton and ended up in front of KFC, then drove to safeway, where we stood in line for 10 minutes, because the lady in front of us had a lot of food, and she then had a price check. Which took forever, so we went to the next line.
Inside the store, Vinesh was talking on the phone, and he made some loud comment saying “You know, i’m in a store right now, and i’m talking really loud, so people can overhear me on the phone.” There was a lady 10 feet away, and she was laughing and made a passing comment, “like me. =)”.

I’ve been loading up on meat. So I can be a rugby player. Just run people over.

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