I think everybody goes to the park at 6pm at night

I went to the park today at 6:00pm, because Zoe wanted to go. And I have figured out that kids expend so much energy at the park that they become very tired when they come back. So they don’t ask you to play as much, and they are more settled. So I think I stayed at the park for over an hour and a half.

Since I’m not a mom, I don’t expect to see anyone my age, or guys at the park. So I decided to bring my electic guitar with me, so i could play on it. Or else it would be the longest and dullest time at the park. Time to go into story mode.

I’m sitting there playing on my guitar, and there is only 2 little boys at the park. They are playing around, and then 2 more kids come in on their little trike bike. Eventually, there were 8 kids in the playground. They were sitting there playing around, and they were doing all those things that I did when I was little. How we always make the floor lava, and you can’t touch it. So i see the 2 guys and girls trying to figure out who is what. So i think one of the girls was cyborg, and there was a robin, I don’t think anyone of the kids wanted to be starfire. But the thing about little kids is that they become friends all of a sudden. And eventually their group of 4 turned into a group of 8.

Then the boys took their tricycles and started racing with it. There is this little grass slope 20 feet from the end of the playground. Then i saw the kids start pushing each other to the edge and then roll off the slope. Funny watching the kids do all of this.

I was making fried rice today, and the bad part of having a gas stove is when the lighter doesn’t light. And I was having trouble getting it to light. So eventually after 10 seconds i get it to light. Since gas expands it burns a little bit of hte hair on my knuckles. The hair smells.

I think tomorrow I’m going to run around.

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