saturday morning cartoons

I really like watching cartoons in the morning. Its so nice and makes me feel so happy, even though I know what is going to happen.

I was playing World of Warcraft because Vinesh gave me that 10 day trial, so I chose the name Darkwing for the elf. It was because of the cartoon Darkwing Duck. I always liked his catchphrases “Let’s get dangerous”, and the intro to the song “when there’s trouble you can call DW, darkwing duck”, anyways, I was watching cartoons and for some reason I strained the muscle in the back of my shoulder. Now I’m in pain again.

Finally, after watching Sherlock holmes in the 22nd century, I bought the dvd, they only had around 10 episodes on two discs.

For some reason today, I was trying to see what kind of body frame I had, because when I was at the park I saw this kid, I thought he was 8 years old, but he was actually 12 years old, but was really small and skinny. So I went and asked my mom later at night if I was really skinny as a little kid, and my mom said I was not a skinny frame, but average frame.

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