I went to Doug’s place

Today, I went to Doug’s place for hte first time this summer. I don’t know why I haven’t gone more often, but I haven’t found a good reason today. And today, they had a BBQ, so I bought some chicken to their BBQ. It was really great, we had a very low key BBQ, and then played football. I didn’t play too well at dusk, because i didn’t have my contacts and it was dark. I kept on missing balls lobbed to me because I couldn’t see it, because it was dark and i just saw a tree in the background. And the ball would hit me on my shoulder, then knee. The worst one was when I saw the ball at the last minute, but another guy guarding me saw that it was coming to me. So i ended up getting slapped right on my chest and back.

Then we ended up having some kind of random jam musical time. I was sitting there, and Neil was playing his bass acoustic guitar, another guy was playing the guitar, doug was playing his harmonica, Brad was watching Matt play video games, and I was trying to play the banjo. The banjo is fairly easy to play if you know what to do. Neil wanted to playing “dueling banjos” with me, so i had to figure out how to play it.

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