okay, done with 1st round of midterms

I’m finished, whew. It was one tough week. I had that intermediate dynamics midterm, heat transfer, and my english essay. After taking all those tests, I feel good about the dynamics midterm because I knew the stuff and could do it. I just hope i did it all correctly.

But then there is heat transfer, I was studying with my classmate and we were reviewing the test that we got from another classmate who had taken heat transfer a quarter ago. And his midterm wasn’t too bad, but that was when the class was 3 units, but now its 4. So we go into the test (which is open book and notes, and I think everyone was blindsided by how hard the test was. I don’t think anyone came out feelign good about it.

Then I think i’m doing bad, and I talk to Jason, and he told me about Locascio and failing his test. Professor Locasio gave him a 30% on his test, and that was his test after it was curved. And there were people with over 100%. And Jason said that the grades were all over the place, and all the people around him had 30% also. … Anyways, I’ll think about hte midterms a different time.

I was going to talk about what I did for fun during the week, but then I thought about it. I really didn’t have time to do anything except studying. But yesterday was really fun after I finished all the midterms. I went over to Evan’s place at mustang village. We invited me for lunch, we were going to eat spaghetti, but it was taking too long for the water to boil, so we ended eating top ramen. And Evan had bought a video game that had 20 or so old games. So we played street fighter 2 for an hour.

And I learned how most of hte chefs cook their food. When I was boiling egg noodles, I didn’t know how long I should boil them. So the chef says its “boil for 5 minutes, and just when you think its not done, Its done”, and when i want to add seasoning, or salt to something its “add 3 times what you think”. I think that’s why cooks are so good at cooking because the recipe changes everyday.

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