how to wake up early

haha, i wish i knew how to do that. I’m never waking up early. I try sleeping earlier, but that doesn’t work. And 7 hours of sleep a night is not enough. Neither is 8 hours. I think my body needs 9 hours of sleep to function properly. And the first thing that goes, is my math ability, when i don’t get my full sleep. I make really obvious mistakes that i don’t see. Anyways, vinesh told me to use Itunes to play my music on my computer. Wow, itune has some great features. Especially the sound enhancer. it makes all hte music sound much clearer, as if it was inside the room.

Another 2 minute poem, about “water”

Runs clear down the path,
Pounds rocks with its wrath,
It may flow as gently as a baby,
or be as rough as the navy
Even though it has no taste
everyone needs it to survive

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