Since I eat breakfast everyday (almost everyday), my stomach growls so much at church. Usually I wake up at around 8:30 and then get to church at 9 without eating breakfast. So today at church I was listening to the pastor talk, and I think around 9:30 my stomach started growling. It was funny, becuase my stomach growled really loud when we took communion, for some reason when my hand touched the bread, my head knew there was food and made a noise. My friend sitting next to me, heard my stomach growling. So the moral of hte story is to eat your breakfast everyday.

Today was kind of interesting, I got a double dose of church today. Pastor Young-Su is the aacf adult sponsor, and he preaches at CMC, so he liked the skit that we did last night at the AACF christmas banquet, so we did it today at CMC ( I usually go to First Baptist). So I went to another service. Really different topics I heard today.

Korean people really like their kimchee, because for their lunch that the church provides,everyone put so much kimchee into their soups. I don’t really have as much of a taste for spicy food. If I had to eat spicy food I could, but I prefer not to. The pastor’s wife is really nice, because I was talking to her for a while, because I didn’t really know too many people there, and everyone else there were in a meeting for their missions trip to Mexico.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be laying the gaultlet down on the vibes test, because I hate feeling unconfident about my own ability to do well on a final. So I’m going in there thinking that I’m going to crush that test, because believing is half the battle.

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