Long Week

Wow, I’m almost done with finals week, but I’ve put in so much work, my head wanted to explode. Tuesday night, I was studying at my place and then I was copying down the homework answers in front of my teachers door. So much stuff that I had to learn that night, and the stuff that I didn’t fully know how to answer were on the test.

But it was really funny standing there in the hallway at 6:30pm. There were some teachers down the hall that were talking smack about the new dean or someone like that, they were riping about how that dean was being too stupid, because he wanted to grade teachers on the number of A’s that students get in a class. Then something about how the classes should be taught, but I tried not to pay attention even though it was so interesting.

Then at 7:00pm, the teacher next door gets a phone call because some student wants to know where the final is at at 7:10pm. That student was lucky, because the teacher was just about to leave, then he asked me “would you write down where your final was?” I said of course, but I guess there are a lot of people who don’t, becasue 10 minutes later some kid walks up to the door wanting to know where the final is held at. I just remembered his teacher saying something about building 2, so that guy must have walked all the way up and down building 2. Then I see another classmate of mine, and he has no idea where his final is (he did eventually find it after walking down a hall and seeing someone in his class)

I spent some time today cleaning up my room and then having dinner at Johnny’s place. They have their own water source, so they get well water for shower and washing dishes. Yesterday, I was really thirsty today, so I grabbed a cup and got some water from the faucet. I take a sip and it tastes kind of sweet (in a salty way), then Esmond tell me that they get salt water. It would suck to get some of that water into the eyes.

Tomorrow, I might go home depending on how i feel after my test.

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