I’m not sure what I should type, but I really liked the cookies my secret santa sister made me. =). they were very yummy as I ate them watching Darkwing Duck, and other compilations of cartoons when I should be studying for finals.

Christmas banquet went fairly well, it was kind of small for all the people we tried to fit into it, but it worked out find, it jsut got really warm inside with 80 people inside such a small place. And I think half of Slo had a blackout, just not hte half we were at. The skit went really well today, so well that Pastor YoungSu wants us to do it at CMC tomorrow. =). That’s two smilie faces in a blog.

If you didn’t hear the jokes that I had heard in classes from fellow ME students. first one was, Modulo, its the % sign in programming and means the computer will give back the result of the remainder. And when we worked on the robot, most of the work was split up , ee, program, building. So this guy goes “Professor, I didn’t do a lot of the programming so to me Modulo sounds like an italian rapper”.
Then there was this other guy who was saying, hmm that girl must be lost because she’s too cute to be an engineering and walking in the engineering buildilng (I think there are only 4 female ME’s in my year).

I saw my professor’s little boy, he’s really cute. Standing outside of office hours, I didn’t know that someone was inside. Because I see the professor (just him and his son ) come up to the door and walk in and close the door. (I had been hanging around outside copying homework answers for half an hour). Then I see his wife come out, and I’m thinking…. “Has she been sitting in the room for the past few hours?” Made me very inquisitive as to if she had been inside for all the time I thought the room was empty. But professor Pascual answered all my answers, and I think he knew I was confused because I was looking at him for 1 straight minute trying to figure out what he was saying. So if you ever see me looking at you and it looks like I want to say something but nothing is coming out, either two things are happening. First, I might want to say something, but then I’m thinking about it and it doesn’t make sense, or I change my mind and don’t want to say it. Or I just want to give you a funny stare.

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