hot hot

Yesterday was hot, so was friday night. Because this is what I did. On friday night, I went to church at night to see how the youth group was doing. And I haven’t visited the youth group in onver 4 years. I kind of know the kids, because I taught a lot of them when they were in 3rd grade. But I really only knew the counselors and Josh.

I went to Josh’s house for a sleep over, but I didn’t go sleep over. It must have been around 80 degrees outside in pleasanton at 4am. I was tired, and the drive was long, because the offramp I take to go to my house was closed to road construction. So I had to drive 4 more miles out of the way. It was hard, when you are tired.

Yesterday, I spent half the day trying to figure out why the internet was not working, and why the house was so hot. So I have been trying to position the fans at their optimal condition. I knew it would be hot when i jumped onto my bed to take an afternoon nap, and my bed was hotter then me. But I didn’t care and just slept on the bed.

In the afternoon, I went to Matthew’s birthday party. I’m trying to figure out why my auntie calls him “mackey”. He got a lot of kiddie gifts. He got this 2 year old like mp3 and cell phone looking giant size toys. Where the little music box had 6 nursery rhymes, and the phone looking toy had a recording feature on it also. The little kids are fun to play with, but they go rough house with their weapons. Brian was shooting me with a bubble making gun, while I was sitting on the couch, and thrust the gun forward and nailed me right in the control center.

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