wake up

So I woke up really early today to make cookies. I got up at around 5:45am. So I thought I would be the first one up in my house. But no, my parents were both up then also. My mom was making her breakfast, and my dad was doing checking stocks. Now I know where I get that early bird ability from, and I didn’t even have to use an alarm clock.

   The reason I woke up early today was because I wanted to make some cookies. I’m using the same recipe that I use at school . Unlike a smart cook, I tried to use engineering today to deduce how to make my cookie. I decided that if I make my cookies bigger, they would only take twice the amount of time. Which isn’t true, so I end up with cookies a little underbaked, but with black bottoms. The good thing was that I had two batches, so the other one didn’t get messed up as much.

    I stuff them nicely into a togo’s brown bag and drive to work. I kept the black bottom cookies for myself to eat while I’m working. The other ones, that were in the brown bag,  I dropped it off for Josh at church. Because PJ doesn’t get to church until 8:30, I meticulously manuevered around the fence and placed the bag in the ivy. The neighbor next across the street saw me, but didn’t say anything. On the bag,  I left a nice little note that went “Flour is white, sugar is brown” then I tried to figure out a word that rhymes with you. So I ended up writing “Sometimes you smell like honeydew, but Jesus always loves you”

    At work, I ate my cookies, and they were decent.

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