A’s lost

The A’s lost today, and I got to the game late. I thought it started at 7:30, but it started at 7:05. So I got to the game at around 7:00. I bought some of those dreyers dips to the game from albertson. At first I wanted to buy it from safeway, but when i walked into the CV safeway, I just saw rows and rows of lines. So I ran out and drove across the street to albertson, which barely had anyone.

So, who went to the A’s game. Well I went with guys I grew up with that went to CCS and youth group. So there was Bryan, Clifton, Pat, Mike and Vinson. So we go to the game, and what do we notice, that half of the stadium seemed to be filled with Red Sox fans. It also sucked that Zito pitched poorly, and the A’s got pounded.

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