Date Night Without the Baby

Mykonos Restaurant

We wanted to see how Sherri’s parents are with babysitting Naomi, before we went to watch Jo Koy. I spent time this week trying to figure out where to go for our date night. I wanted to try to eat somewhere that we both enjoyed, but also go to a place we would usually never drive out to. So we ended up eating at Mykonos, the atmosphere at the place is really great, I think all the people of greek descent worked there, and the food was on point.

Our lovely date night

I don’t talk about my marriage online too much, mostly because there is just so many different aspects to it. I think the hardest thing that Sherri and I have is communication. I can see where she gets confused, and where I get confused when we talk. To me it appears we have different expectations for how a conversation goes. So I might saw something to show that I am listening, but Sherri thinks I am just just saying something automatic, and not really thinking about what she is saying. Also, I sometimes need more time to think but i forget to say something because I am thinking.

The appetizers were delicious


We would have ended up going to a dive bar, but Sherri and I ended up having an argument, so we ended up going home after dinner.

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