Good Morning

Wow, i’m seeing the signs of blogamania. I’m still double-blogging. Well, I just smelled my sweater,and it smells like burnt stuff. Haha, it was smelly, from standing in the way of the fire. Yesterday’s bonfire was extremely helpful to me. I felt God confirm in my heart what he wanted me to do in my life.

I got splattered yesterday. I think I got flipped over 3 times. and was the only one who got dogpiled. All i knew was that at the end. 2 guys tackled me, and then i fell to the ground, and they all jumped on top. I think 6 guys were on top. But i couldn’t tell, all i could feel was that it was heavy, on the bottom.

I think they were trying to soften me up for hte football game today. Because I’m like a pest to them.I somehow always get the ball and score, and then start talking. That’s why robin and binh where trying to take me down.


Iplayed football today with guys from AACF. It was a really enjoyable time. It was a 5 on 5, and i got to play qb,. At the beginning i was really nervous playing qb, so i kept on overthrowing, and i couldn’t throw the ball deep. I don’t know why, i think it’s because i can’t throw far without planting. For short passes i don’t need to plant.

I pray that Jon’s hand is going to heal really fast, because he hurt it tackling.

Playing quarterback is much different then wr, or line. The reason is because you have to try to account for what everyone else is doing. And sometimes, you teammates don’t even figure out what you are saying, or i get everything confused. But i really like the 3 step turn passes, because it’s mostly timing, and i don’t have to worry about waiting for a guy to see me, becuase he knows the ball is coming.

I don’t have anything else to say today

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