Day 2 of my new adventure

Haha, i really don’t know what to call it, but i’ll called it experiment T. I wonder what makes X so secret and speical. If we had used the letter W, or K. Those could sound secret also.

I hate the vent outside my window. It is too strong. I was sitting in my room, working on my program, and i could smell some rotten meat. My roommate forgot to defrost his steak, and just cooked it, and put some sort of flavoring on it. It smelled like, meat that you cook, but leave out overnight, after you had cooked it. I can smell the vent also, but usually only when my roommate takes a shower, because the smell of his herbal essence is so strong.

I’m looking out my window, and i’ll give you a play by play.


*Andrew stares at his computer monitor, and looks out the window. In the background, good charlotte is playing really loud from a room mate next door.*

hmm, i wonder what’s happening right outside my room. I’ll look

*Stands up and walks to the window, and sticks his face against the screen*

absolutely nothing is moving. even the clounds have stopped. Ooh, wait, a breeze just came, and a little wisp of clouds moved 2 feet in my perspective.

It’s a really nice day today, I hope to do something exciting today


AFter statics class, i sat around thinking about what to do. I sat there eating my lettuce.

Do you know that, if you leave your veggies bag open, and not close them shut. The veggies won’t start changing color. I don’t know why, but if i open the bag they are in, they don’t start rotting as fast.

I then went and played b-ball in the afternoon. Wow, it was a really good 2 pick up games. In the first one, i didn’t do too bad. I scored the winning basketball on a breakaway layup, and I got 4 assists. It was really tiring, I was coughing a lot because i forgot to drink a lot of water before the game. Everyone i was playing with had a height advantage against me. But i mananged to get a steal, and block 3 passes with my head. It’s really funny, getting tha feeling when the ball hits your face.

Then Cat came over, and helped me make cookies, and we tried making really small ones, that turned out to be regular sized cookies. Hahhaha, Then i sent some ot bryan and alby.

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