Hmm, today, I just felt like i needed some encouragement. I think school is starting to drag on me, and my classes are taking their toll, and i’ve been staying up late, so i don’t feel as fresh in the morning. I’m starting to feel weak when i wake up, which is not a good sign.

WEll, all my classes were okay, i’m not sure if i understood a single thing in any of my classes, but i did go to them.

I finally saw some people from AACF in the grill room tonight. And i have a cool story, well more of a rebel story. I’m a rebel in the grill room, they say i’m not supoose to take special orders, but i do, and i put more cheese on then they say. It’s because I want to be a nice person, like the other worker guy who works sometimes. Well, I at 7:15. I had to close the grill because i had 30 orders to fill, and i didn’t have that many patties left. So I put up the rest of my hamburgers onto the patties. I then saw that there were at least 15 orders still left. The female who was helping me told me “you should just screw them, and say that there is no more meat, because it is almost 7:30.” So, I was thinking, and I decided to actually finish up the orders and make more hamburgers, because i didn’t want to let the guys outside starve. So i put on 20 more patties, and made many more hamburgers. I feel so powerful, as long as i don’t become the grill king.

I had a real good conversation w/ Bryan. I think that encouragement is something that will lift anyone’s spirit. It is just so powerful, how just by encouraging some person, you can renew them, and just change their whole mindset. Personally, what i want when someone encourages me, is for them to acknowledge me, and just reaffirm that they care for me, and taht i’m precious to them. And that they are rooting for me. I think, i should start sending out encouragment cards, becuase it’s just a really happy thing, when you get it from someone.

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