Fun with moisture

Did you know that chalk tends to break more easily when the air is moist. My heat transfer teacher broke his chalk two times in a row. And a person in class said it was because of the moisture (it was raining a little today). I thought that was interesting, but my heat transfer teacher said “I thought I was breaking the chalk just because I was too excited”.

Evan wants me to take Me 531 with him, “Acoustics of Speakers”. I didn’t want to take it but then he said Ngozi Kamalu is teaching it. So I’m thinking, maybe I should take him. Evan was telling me that we might get to go to Kamalu’s house also for class. Speaking of which, I still have his cell phone and home phone number in my binder from last year. I just like the way Evan describes Kamalu’s teaching calling it a “the Ngozi ballet, where he writes his whole lecture all from memory”

Arthur gave me a haircut today after I worked at the cafeteria. Because its going to be a 3 day weekend, they had to throw away some of the packaged food they put outside for people to pick up. So I picked up some of the food they had. They had to throw away a spicy sushi roll, so i picked one up. And when I went to Arthur’s house we ate the salads that i got, but when we got to the sushi we just threw it away. Because it had raw fish in it that looked kind of suspicious. Also, because it was most likely made by some student.

It was interesting watching Arthur cut my hair. He hat to thin my hair 3x, because he said I have a jungle growing in my hair. Its so thick that it causes my hair to have that gravity defying effect of being able to move in all directions and up without gel.

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