I’m the mechanical engineer in my office, besides seyed. So the funny part is how all the other engineers go, “let Andrew fix it, he’s the M.E.”. Then I sit there and look at the stuff and then I think, that’s smart of the guy who designed this to color the piece that would come off. I was fixing the printer, and looking at the parts and I automatically assumed that the light color part was twistable. Now I just need to figure out why the other printer makes a giant high pitch squeel, then I will be happy. .

Jeff the other inspector brought me along today while he was inspecting this supermarket’s grease pit. There was a build up of grease in the sewer laterals that were coming from a set of stores, and all the other stores were clean compared to the supermarket’s.

I must have a lot of stuff in my pocket, because I usually leave my phone on vibrate and I’ve been missing calls, or it could be that people are calling me and hanging up after the first ring. I fell partially asleep at work today, because the other people weren’t there today on my side of the room. Todd took the half day off, and its been too quiet, I’m just working on putting together their picture presentation of the completed project. The best advice I’ve noticed for interns was from my two friends who had intern before and told me that I should go up and ask engineers questions, and they will tell me stuff. So, I usually do that and I get so many pieces of knowledge, its stuck in my head but it won’t come out until I’m asked about it. I think that if I had a fish pond in the backyard, I could make a great wastewater treatment machine for the pond.

I”m thinking of getting an ant farm, two of them. Then I was planning on putting some ants from my backyard into one farm, and then ants from work into the other. I will also spray paint the ants different colors and them put the two different colonies of ants together to see if they fight or become friends. I hope they fight, because it would be much more interesting.

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