So i was talking to my friend, because I saw some news articles online. The first one that caught my attention was the use of cell phones. In the future, credit card companies will send a barcode over your cell phone where the teller can scan in the barcode on your cell phone. And it is a one time use barcode. I think that all these things are cool, but I would hate to have somebody be able to keep track of what i buy. Its much nicer to carry around cash, so you have more animity with what you buy.

Speaking of money, I was talking to a friend of mine. We were reading an article about how students come out of college poor. And they spend an average of $475 on food a month. Then the article was talking about how the writer of a book could feed his family of 5 on $550 a month. Then I was talking to Vin and we were trying to figure out how much we could live on. So he says he can live on 50 a month, I think I can live on 70 a month. The difference in 20 dollars is that I eat breakfast, so that accounts for extra food costs.

A new matlab project has popped its ugly head. And my partner and I are struggling through that one. Ooh, walking to the class to work on matlab, I stuck my hand into my backpack. Then I somehow stabbed myself with my mechanical pencil why I was moving my hand around my pencils looking for the flash drive. I noticed that a lot of me students carry around flash drives. Several of my classmates carry around 2, and they carry all their design work on it. There are a lot of lost stuff in the ME lab that they put in the front, disks, flash drives and other things.

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