funny lab report grade

There are some teachers who care more about your numbers then the quality and quatity of your report. That’s my fluids lab teacher. We got back our first lab we turned it, (about 6 weeks ago). I had heard that Prof. Ngoni Kamalu only really cares about your report numbers. So I really took my friends words on it. So, prof kamalu likes everyone to turn in a report within their group. He wants us to all turn in one ourselves, so my lab partners and I all work on our data and could turn in the same report. But my roommates didn’t want to do that because they thought we all have to turn in a different lab. So I ended up having to write my own lab report (haha). I don’t know what I was thinking that day when I was doing hte lab, but I really didn’t know what to write.

So one of my roommate goes all out, and writes a long report, with the abstract, introduction, appendicies and other report things. His lab report turned out to be around 10-12 pages long. Then my other lab partner wrote a very nice short report, which was all nicely labeled and had a lot of writing in it. His page was around 5-6 pages. Then there was my lab report, It was only 2 pages. I had a 2 sentence intro, and a graph, and several numbers. Then on the next page, I had my discussion questions. There were 4 discussion questions, and i had 4 sentences. Then one of my lab partner pointed out that they were fragmented sentences also. So we all see the scores on our labs, and we all had the same grade. Prof Kamalu had only looked at our numbers, and didn’t read my discussion questions. All the markings were on the graph and numbers.
Anyway, that was my worst written lab report I wrote this quarter.

I was reading up on flash, and tomorrow I”m going to read up on radio waves so I can write my essay on it.

Haha, you know whats funny, when i walk to class and walk by people, I see how many of them look at the ground. Then I count it. I also step on all the leaves as I walk back to my room. I start juking around when i see pinecones, and do my soccer moves.

I freaked out one of my classmates. During Friday, I was going to the rec center. So I was talking to my friend as we were walking. Then we were talking about donkey kong, and i was all energized so i started doing the donkey move. Where he starts slaming the ground, and then Mike was walking by when he saw that. He said “Andrew? Is that you?”, I looked up, and said “yup”, and mike started laughing as he walked to his car.

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