finally a productive day

I finally put everything together today, and I did a lot of work. I feel so much more free now. I’ve done more then half my homework, and I should be able to finish all my work quickly by wednesday.

Sunday is always grocery shopping day. So that means, I usually have the most food in the refrigerator. And on Sunday, I always think to myself, why is there so much alcholol in the freezer. It’s a good thing that he only drinks by himself at 2:00am, when everyone else is asleep. I think its funny how I always seem to be waking up just as he is going to sleep. At the rate we are going. I htink there is someone always awake at our place.

Speaking of food, I was sitting around eating some donut that i got from lighthouse 3 days ago. It tasted nasty, I was eating some jelly filled donut, but the jelly didn’t taste good. Tasted kind of bitter, but for some reason, I kept on eating it.

Hahaha, I just saw my roommate turn the alarm on his car off, and somehow his button that turns off his alarm set another car alarm on.
Finally, I just noticed that the garbage man comes by my apt everyday. He comes at 7:00am on mondays, 9:00 on tuesday, 3-4 on thrustday, and other times for the other days. I never noticed that until I saw the car alarm go off. Just because the garbage truck makes so much noise and rumbles the ground that when it drives by cars, some of them go off.

My roommates and I are on good terms now…

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