I have a long weekend, and it feels like saturday night to me, but its only friday night. I guess that’s what happens when I don’t have class on thursday and friday. The only problem is that I’m so used to waking up at 6:30 am that even when I sleep late, I still wake up somewhere between 7 and 8 am. Then I have to make myself go back to sleep.

And that test I took wednesday, I think I really destroyed it. To describe it, it would be like me going into a 4th grade math class and taking a test with them. I recognize everything on that test, and I just marched through it blitzkreig speed. I had 20 minutes left when I finished all the problems, so I had plenty of time to double check.

Today, I finished up several drawings for the water plant, and emailed it to them. For some reason, when I’m making money, its much more easier to spend some money. I had to help my sister get a pda for her nursing program (just to hold all the medicine list or something). So I got her the cheapest one that I could find. The cheapest I could find was around 80 dollars. Its much more easier to spend money, when I know that I can earn that amount back through work.

For some reason, I have this urge to buy the Wii next week. But, I don’t want to buy it because I know I will play it and not do school work. So, using all my will power I will make sure I don’t get it for a while. I’ll just think of the 440 test as inspiration to study.

People are so nice to me, I wonder if its because I smile and them and they smile back. But it makes my day so much brighter when the guy/girl at the counter, or someone i just walks by says “good morning” and smiles.

I was at the grocery store today, and I would describe my shopping cart as the tank. It was sort of jammed so it was slow, and made a lot of noise when I pushed it. So I couldn’t sneak up on old grandma’s and say hi. I don’t really see that many college guys at the grocery store at noon time buying food. But there were some long lines today. I like to jump on my cart and hang onto the front to pass time, and I see some other guy doing the same thing. From watching me, grocery shopping is like ballet. I start and move around the cart sometimes pushing, pulling, kicking as I twist ( I actually spin around the cart, but more of a slow motion 360 as I grab stuff off the shelves). My favorite thing to do is the toe drag. If I was a football player, I would catch all passes inbounds because I practice it everywhere.

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