Almost Squirrel roadkill

… hmm, statics class wasn’t that bad. I think I redeemed myself for my poor showing last week in that class. I”m going to ace that class with every single blood in my body, and I better have some left to reuse for phsyics ,and math, those classes are killers. Andrew Assassin’s I’m going to call them AA’s from now. If i don’t like a class, it’s going to be labeled. “AA”: while “AAA” means “Andrew’s Awesome Activity”


Time for some other stuff. As i was walking back to my room. I walk by a plot of dirt that is getting remodeled. Last week, when i walked by, i saw that guys were working on some pipes underground. They had a 2 by 2 by 2 feet hole. This week, it’s all patched up and there’s a caution sign taped up around the little piece of land. And it smells really bad, like sulfur. I”m not sure what is oging on, but i think the smell better stop, or else i’m going to have to walk the long ways back to my room.

On my way up to my room, i casually strolled up the side walk. And going up towards the hill, when all of a sudden, a squirrel jumps out from the opposite side of the road, and runs across. It then runs about 1.5 feet in front of me. That squirrell is lucky because if i was running, or doing some weird things to exericse my legs, as i walk up my hill. I think i would have stepped on it, and it would have been roadkill. What’s wrong with these squirrells, can’t they see a man walking across on the other side of the street. But it was a cute looking squirrel, it had light brown fur, with a tint of black at the tip of his fur, which formed 2 lines going down it’s back. The funniest thing about the squirrel, was that once it went to the other side, it just stood around looking, becuase the area was just planted, there were no big trees, so no food source.


accidents happen

I think i’m a danger to girls. Haha, I think i accidently hurt them too many times. Today in my M.E class, I was sitting in my desk, and i accidently elbowed a girl who was walking to her seat in front of me. As i was turning to talk to my friend. I was in shock. I never know what to say. She said “i’m sorry” and i was “i’im sorry also”.


Then in the grill room tonight. I accidently elbowed another girl who happened to be walking by me, as i was on the grill, and i was turning to put a burger on the grill, and i hit her in the arms. And she didnt’ drop her plate. Wow, she is a very strong female. She showed a lot of power in the grill room, telling people to “stay away from the cook, and go back to your seats. If i was like that, i would be much different. I’m more passive, not aggressive. I think that good sometimes, but bad other times. What’s so funny is that i’m so relaxed at the grill room, even though i’m rushing to make orders. I’m relaxed and just singing the soggybottom boys song “Man of constant sorrow”. I’m like a machine, i just rolll out grilled cheese one after another.

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