EIT fun

Actually, the EIT isn’t that fun. More of a giant test to make me feel bad about what i’ve learned in college.

So anyways, today I went to take the EIT at the San Mateo Expo Center, which was right next to Bay Meadows Racetrack (which was having its last weekend before it closed, so I they had dollar admission today, but I couldn’t go). Since I’m in CV, i get up at around 5:45 and get to San Mateo at 6:30. There was a really long line that wrapped around the parking lot (it seemed even longer then the lines I see when they have bobblehead give aways at A’s games).

Everyone gets into the place at around 7:30, but it takes around an hour to get everyone seated. The funniest part of the test was right at the beginning while we were still being seated. IT was around 8:45 and there were still people standing around at the front of hte room. And they then announce that the room has been overbooked, so they were asking for volunteers to not take the test today but take it in October(this test is only given 2x a year). I was talking to some other Cal Poly student, and we were talking about who in the world would wake up early, come here, and then decide to volunteer to leave. To our surprise, there were around 10 hands that went up from the 1000 people in the room.

Eventually, the test gets started, and the morning section isn’t too hard. I barely picked up my calculator. As I was looking at the problems, a lot of them I could had a premonition about what the answer should be like, because it reminded me of stuff that I had done in class. And I would just double check my answer by taking an extra 30 seconds to actually write out some work to verify my answer. Then there were questions that I looked at and just shook my head, especially EE. I knew I was in trouble with some questions when I didn’t even understand what some of the words meant. But I did get the basic EE questions that were on the test.
While the afternoon was more of a grind.

Okay, enough about the EIT. Since I came home yesterday, I had to make a few comments about stuff. First thing being, on Wednesday night I had gone to Albertsons in SLO to buy some few small groceries. Then on friday, I was at an Albertson’s in CV. It felt so different for me, because all I saw were middle aged people. I was confused for a while, because I was expecting in my mind to see either college aged students, or over people over 60. Then I just go and buy some food, and the cashier is a very nice lady.

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