Calm Week

This was a very good and calm week. I didn’t have too much trouble, the only thing i kind of hate now is having to drive so much on the weekend back home. So after this weekend, I don’t think I’ll drive home until I graduate. That is because I need to finish my senior project, and also that driving home takes alot of time.

I have been studing for the EIT by reading hte book instead of going to the review sessions, I don/t really like the review sessions because a lot of hte teachers just did sample problems, which doesn’t really help me that much. So I stopped going, I’m just reading my baron eit book.

Today was a very nice day. I went to school today ready to work in the hanger. But my lab partner called me and said that he was really busy on another project, so I didn’t go there and went to class instead. Then in the UU, I saw Kenny, and ended up going to his house and playing video games with him. Kenny’s unproductivness is starting to wear down on me.

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