Today, it seemed everyone left the office after lunch. Once the clock turned 1:00pm. It was so quiet, I think I was the only person here. Its a good thing that I don’t have a key to the office, or the passcode to turn on hte alarm. If I did know it, I would have been sitting in the office by myself. It was only Bennett and I from 3-5pm. He was then telling me random info. Such as that one garage near the back of our parking lot. They catch couples parking back there and making out.

I’ve been at the plant long enough that now I really don’t get disturbed by the stench that comes from the plant. I’m walking by those sewer drains, and I can see the smoke carrying the stench flowing out from the vents.

I helped my sister boil pasta and start her on her way to make pasta salad. Speaking of making pasta, I went to Safeway yesterday to buy food. I must smile a lot, because as I was walking by, I would walk by moms (around 8pm). This one lady was smiling really big where when she smiles, she closes her eyes or that illusion. I’m not sure why she was smiling at me when I was made eye contact with her. Actually thinking about it, I must have been smiling really big, because I had those hand held baskets, and was twirling it around on my hand as I was going around looking for pasta. It happened several other times during my trip in Safeway.

Time to clean my room and start packing up stuff for the apartment. I’m going to drop by Cal Poly next friday-saturday.

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