I was driving back from work today. And I see this 3rd grader riding a bike wearing a black shirt. I look over and read “I ain’t afraid of ” and I couldn’t see the words on the bottom, but I was thinking it must be like a No Fear t-shirt. But then the kid comes into clear view and I read “I ain’t afraid of the popo”. And I just started to crack up, and I had my windows down and the people in the car next to mine where giving me a weird look at the stoplight.

If I see that kid again with that shirt, I might yell out the window, “popo is coming, ya better run” =).

There is a massive ant problem at my workplace. The ants are fast and furious workers. If a piece of candy is left on the table, in half an hour, the whole million ant march will have arrived. And they send out so many scout ants along, and I was going to let the ants walk around scouting for stuff, but then they had to go and start bothering my water bottle filled with tang (I had just placed it down for 15 minutes, and 20 or so of the ants were walking around) So then I decided that the ants went to far, so I went around killing every one of those ants on the desk. Then the ones that got away but came back later got the yellow post it note of sacrafice. I squished them just enough with the sticky part of the post it note so they couldn’t leave, and I watched them hang on the back of the post it note.

I was talking to doug online who is currently on vacation in France. And we were talking about the Zidane headbutt. It was on all the sports talk shows today, and I think one of the things they said that led up to the zidane headbutt was that maybe the guy while grabbing his jersey gave Zidane a purple nurple.

Tomorrow, I get to do some field work, I just hope the wind is blowing in the opposite direction I’m working at because its been kind of stinky. and speaking of stinky… I got to work late today because there was a hydrocloric acid spill on the road that I take.

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