stinky water

So they let me do field work today at the sanitary district. I got to wear the cool helmet, but I found out that the engineers have even cooler ones then mine. They have goggles on theirs and a chin strap, while the one I wear only has earmuffs. Let me tell you my duty.

    For today, there are 3 clarifiers (giant water tanks that clean the water). I saw some birds swimming around in the water, and thought to myself (there goes the cleaning of the water). So my job was to walk around the clarifier and measure the surface area that was exposed. It is a tedious job, because the place tanks were on dirt and the reason I was measuring the surface area is because they want to fill in the area with concrete. The part that made it hard was that all the soil around the clarifier was on a slope.  So the engineer is telling me just go around and estimate, don’t worry about that because they will smooth it out and so forth.

   I feel kind of nervous, because what I write down and analyze is going to be the number they will use with a tolerance number around it. So what I get as my answer will be the number they will use and the amount of stuff they will buy. And the engineer just quickly looks at my work. But on the bright side, if you were to look at the clarifiers now, all of them have a giant green ring around them, becuase i just spray painted where I marked from.

   So I have chosen Johnny to be the representative for Marc and I in our quest to find a home during the school year. Tomorrow I will call the rental place and set up an appointment. As payment for helping us, I have promised Johnny a giant supersized cookie, or my just invented “Chocolate Tsunami” Cake (I’m not sure what that is, but I’m sure it will taste good.  I think i’ll make it a cake top/brownie base, with  chocolate ice cream in the middle. It sounds good on paper, so I’ll have to make it good in person.)

   Finally, I was trying to write my speech today, and my sister came into the room and talked about ths same thing to me. And I didn’t like it the second time, because I heard about it the first time. So as I told jeff, I might be like the wise old owl this coming quarter because I will “just be a good listener and not talk”.

   We were eating dinner, and some person from key club rang our doorbell for a donation to the cancer society. That got me thinking of the last time I donated to a cancer society thing (which was never) but I remembered a story, and I told it to my mom and sister. So here is how it goes

    So last year, I was trying to get an internship at this one company that made a machine that helped try to catch and cure breast cancer.  After the interview, I went home and later that night I was watching tv at vinesh’s house. We decide to make pasta alfreado, so we drive to safeway at around 11pm. At the cashier stand, they usually have those donation boxes, or the cashier says something about wanting to donate. I pay for the food while Vinesh is standing behind me, and the cashier goes “do you want to donate money to help fund the fight against prostate cancer?” and i go “no thanks”, then vinesh says to me, “Andrew, you are willing to help fight breast cancer, you should at least help fight a cancer that could affect your command center”, then he goes “I’ll help out” and pulls out a dollar and donates it to the prostate cancer.


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