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So today I was able to get a hold of Marc and my other roommate Adam. Actually, today was the first day that I called them. Anyways, I had to call Tom first, because I had put Adam’s name into my cell phone as something else. If you look at my cell phone contact list, I have a lot of numbers with just letters next to it. So I really don’t know who it is, so I looked at A and I didn’t have any names there.

First I call up Tom, and he tells me how he found a place on campus. They are letting him live there rent free, but he has to work at the desk or something. Then he’s going to live in someone’s living room during the fall quarter. That got me Adam’s number.

I call Adam, because we were having a hard time finding 2 bedroom apartment at the price range and place. Adam has a bigger budget then Marc and I. While Marc wants the place to be walking distance. So its a good thing that when I was talking to Adam he was able to find a place with some other guys who live in a house on the other side of San Luis Obispo.

Then I call Marc up, I’m not sure where he was, but I thought people were dying behind him. Becuase I heard really loud talking, screaming, and weird noises. Or it could have just been a bad connection. So we kind of laid down what we wanted. So I left a message for Tom asking if he could look around at the places for us if I schedule an appointment because Marc and I will have a hard time going down to SLO often.

I just went to look listings online today for housing in SLO, and now I’m getting nervous because I don’t see any listings that are in the area we want. But today we had a sermon from pastor … (don’t remember his name, he was a guest pastor today) , so he was talking about how when we are in a bind we usually try to fix the problems ourselves first before going to God. So I will put it in God’s hands to make a place pop out of the ground so we can live in it (not a hole).

I also went to my grandparents house today to pick up some food. She had made a lot of chinese tamales, and was showing me her new garden. I’m not sure what she had planted but I just saw green stems and leafs. I had to also bring her a 25 pound bag of organic garden food and miracle grow (that stuff works like magic).

You know what’s funny, my grandma worries more about me then my mom does sometimes. I was at my grandma’s house today and she was asking me how my pinky was. And I said it was doing good, and then she saw it and procedes to put more ointment on it. My dad was sick today, and she called him 2 times today to tell him what to do to get better. =).

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