The fastest way is to have the scale all wrong. The scale that my mom bought is digital, and my dad didn’t know that it was not suppose to be put it up leaning against the wall. That messes up the calibration. So when I was checking my weight a day ago, my weight was 5 pounds less than what I truly was.

At work today, I was looking through the office supply booklet buying paper and office utilities for the building. I think I spent around 300 dollars buying stuff that all the 3 engineers that were in the office needed.

In the afternoon, I was putting seyed’s pictures from the project together. Currently, I’ve spent 10 hours putting hte pictures together, and I’ve gone through 20 folders and 300 pictures. There are 80 more folders left. Because I am a little ticked off at the amount of pictures, I decided to make it a little more interesting. So I’m now labeled the binder as Seyed’s Scrapbook, and every page title, I make some girly looking page. This keeps the scrapbook (I mean picture photo) seem more interesting. (I’m not going to keep those scrapbook parts in, when I give it to seyed.)

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