done with one practice test, so i will blog

Double Post Day!

Hahaha, so how do i want to relax after finishing a practice test for the PE? I’ll write in my blog. I’m not sure why, but I get a lot of enjoyment from writing this. Thanks mom!


That is what those bad boys books are. That big book is essentially everything i learned in college condensed into a big book of notes and formulas. IMAG0135


But to go back to writing being relaxing. I think it was because my mom made me write in a journal ever since i was pretty young. Back then I didn’t want to write but my mom had said if I did it for 40 days straight, i would get to go to toys’r’us. I’m going to do that for my kids.


Here is my journal from 1992. So I was around 8 years old writing in here. So I opened up to random pages and I found this one interesting. I don’t remember any of it, but when I read it. Imagine the way I would write it, if i was younger and more hyper.



Today I had no school because was out Yesterday it was a modifly day and my mom said to me today what are you going to give Daddy on father’s day. I am going to writ it on the diary. I am making a game for my Dad don’t tell him I am making Gameboard on paper it is small and I made a dice it took me 4 times until I made it and I made thing that are going broad game Yesterday and I finish it today.

That was how I wrote in my journal as an 8 year old, with all the spelling and grammer mistakes. Haha, just like how I write in my blog now, because I don’t double check my sentences. =). Now I can sleep peacefully.

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