Little Kids Toys and Me

Today’s blog will be centered on little kids toys. At work, they have a missing children program where all the trucks have stickers on them. And it is called the “EMCOR Street Gang”, so everytime a child is found they send a link to all the emcor employees.  My co-workers always joke about how I’m increasing my gang size because we find a new kid.


So that brings us today’s word (just like stephen colbert) “Toys”
In preparation for the graceland retreat, I went shopping at target for our “afternoon activity”. This is half the stuff, there are candy, toys, very colorful stuff. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with some of these things, but I will make due with it.


The funny thing about this, is when I was at target yesterday in line. There was this little 8 year old boy in front of me, he saw what i put on the table, and all he did was stare in amazement. His mom had to drag him away while he was just staring at the playdough.
Which reminds me of when vinesh told me how he was at a fair at UCLA and bought a 3 feet tennis ball and carried it around. All the little kids looked at him with envy, and wanted one. =). (Edit: He read my blog and told me that he had named the big tennis ball “Pete Sampras”, and it sits in his room. )


Today while I was eating lunch, I walked by a mom and her two kids, there was a baby boy (2 years old). So chubby, as I was walking by their table, the boy raised up his hand and said “bye bye”. So I said “bye” back to the kid. =) The mom looked at me while a smile, and the boy looked with so much intrigue at me. Not sure why the boy decided to say bye to me though. I wasn’t even looking at him. =) Or it could be I just have this “bond” with little kids, they know i’m just like them at heart. =P


Finally, I was testing out the playdough and candy I bought. Had to make sure everything worked. While playing with the playdough, it was interesting, because I really forgot what the texture of it was like. The last thing that I really worked with was clay, so I was thinking playdough had a more “hardness toughness” to it, but that dough made me feel like colosseus. I just squeeze my hand and the dough would just squeeze through.


I hope you can guess what I tried to make with the playdough. I’ll buy anyone who tells me what I made (in person, email, facebook(which might seem a little random), or leave a comment). If you get it right, i’ll get you a “cookie monster” from the ice creamery in castro valley. I guess I want everyone who reads this blog to get it right because the item i’m trying to make is right on the ad. =)

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