Magic trick book arrived

I was so excited that my magic trick text book arrived today. It felt like I was a kid going to open up my christmas gift. I drove home quickly from work and ran out of the car so I could pick up my book from the doorstep. 🙂


Too bad I won’t really read it until after my PE test. I don’t want to fill my brain with other into that is not necessary right now.


I buy most of my tricks from penguinmagic in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento), so when they ship it to me, it usually comes in 1-2 days. Hooray, for them being so close. My favorite part of the stuff I get from them is that they sometimes throw in a bag of M&M’s. Like a little gift for me from buying it from them. =)

So this time when I write comments down for them, I was really hopging they had business cards, but they didn’t have any. So the guy wrote a “no not at@ this time Andrew. sorry =(”



Then here is my grip from the day. Some mom was walking with her kid riding on the bike (I say 9 or 10). This kid has no awareness of the road and was not wearing a helmet. I’m turning onto the street and I see this kid bike across the street, now he’s on the far left side and i’m on the right (going 5 mph). In the back of my mind, I was thinking this kid is going to weave back and forth over the whole street. Guess what, he suddenly moves to the right and then back to the left.

Now he is on the left side, and there is a van coming straight in his direction, and i’m on the right. He could have gone onto the sidewalk, but he decides to stay in the left lane and right straight towards the van.

The lady in the van just stops for a minute as the kid is slowly riding towards her in a very “non-straight pattern”. He barely missed hitting the car, then I just follow him for 2 more houses, then I turn into the driveway.

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