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So yesterday, I sat in the doctors office for 2 hours. I had awaken early at around 7:00am. For some reason, I can’t wake up easily at 7:00 even though i went to sleep at 10:00pm the night before.

Anyways, I took my dad to the doctors office for his colonoscopy. I had to drive him back. So we drove all the way to fremont to the fremont surgery center. That’s when i found out where Dr. Arthur Ting (the doctor who did Barry Bond’s surgery) was located at. My dad went to the office upstairs, but I looked around Dr. Ting’s office because he had done a lot of sports surgeries.

So I walk upstairs with my dad, and we sit around. Because i’m really tired still I go to sleep. But like all doctor offices they like to have pictures hanging on the wall, and they are low. So i can’t lean my head against the wall because hte picture is in the way. So i end up sleeping on my elbow, and I think I fell asleep for 25 minutes, but because i slept on my elbow, i had this terrible pain in my elbow for 10 minutes after i woke up. I took a look at my watch and it was only 8:45am. So they had CNN going, but it shows the same tv report every hour. So I was able to recite what they were saying by the third time, at 10am.

After somehow sitting in the doctors office with absolutly nothing to do. I decided to drive to Lake Elizabeth which was only 3 minutes away. So I decide to take a walk around the lake. So I walk at a nice and leisurely pace. I figured out that Lake Elizabeth is only around 2 miles long, or around that, because it took me only 35 minutes to walk around the whole lake at a leisurely pace. That meant I still had another hour to waste.

I couldn’t really think of what to do, so eventually I just sat in the car and listened to sports talk radio with radnich. And he was hilarious that day, somehow he ended up talking about colonoscopy’s also, and how he made it seem more intensive then it really was.

Eventually, I did get back, and it was good that my dad’s colonoscopy went well and there was nothing wrong.

Later in the day, Edris came by and we were going to see Batman Begins, but vinesh had told us to wait until Sunday to watch it with him. So we are going to do that. Instead, Edris said he had some of his uncle’s golf clubs in his bags, so we decided to go to the driving range.

We went to the driving range in Berkeley, somewhere near the top of one of the hills. I’m not sure how we knew where we were going, but we were able to navigate our way around shasta road, all the way to the driving range. Along the way, we saw all these houses for sale, so we decided to take the flyers to see how much the houses cost. But at all 10 houses, they didn’t have those flyer boxes, or they had no more flyers left. We had stopped the car in the middle of the road and ran out to grab them.

Then i wonder how the garbage man drives through some of the roads in berkeley. Because a lot of the roads were really small and windy when there were cars parked on the street. We decided that the garbage man came in a 4×4 picked up the trash cans and threw the cans into the back of his truck and drove the cans to hte garbage truck.

At the driving range, I couldn’t hit the golf ball, because i’ve never hit one before. And I was trying to figure out how to hit it. MOst of the time i just watch edris to figure out how to swing the golf club right. I used the 5 iron, and I think I whiffed 4 times, then I was able to hit a low line driver. I think I only ended up hitting 4 balls, and had 15 wiffs, and 30 practice shots. We spent around an hour doing that.

Then at night the little girls came. I just kept an eye on them, and they ended up playing the little games on nick.com. Spongebob bowling, and they would interspersely playing indoor baseball, hide and seek, and jump on me.

The next day, it was a family kind of outing, we had dim sum, and went shopping together. It wasn’t too interesting,

except for the fact that I think I have found something to make. Its a secret for now, because I don’t seem to make things if i write about it on my blog. For some reason, I just write big, but ended up doing nothing. All words, and no substance. So I’m going to try it the other way, and maybe it will work.

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