I saw my grades online today, And the good news is that I passed 2/3 of them. Bad news is that I was looking over my flow chart, and it looks like I will need to take 2 more classes then I expected. I had totally forgot about my C4 and D4 classes I needed to take. Good thing is that I should be able to get those classes. I just hope that during spring quarter, I can just go to the Head ME dept guy and have him just crash me into every class I need.

I thought my doctor’s name was Dr. Poe because my parents always said that. Its the same thing with that guy I was interviewing with. I thought his name was William Salasky, but he said it was Vadim Pslasky or something like that.

So I go to the Optomestist today and Dr. Pope took a long time examining me. And he even took a picture of the back of my eye. And he was going around showing me the picture and looking for problems so forth. After looking at the pictures, I am not convinced to wear my sunglasses when I’m outside to protect against the UV rays. He was showing me a little blurry spot right in the middle of my line of sight and said that is where the UV is building up damage. Its small right now, so its okay. So I’m going to go to Big 5 maybe later this week and buy a pair of sunglasses.

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