computers make heat

I’m sitting here waiting for my design lab to start. I’m in the computer lab 20-150 with 40 computers in here. I think because its november they turned off the air-conditioning. So right now its around 93-95 degrees inside the computer area. And all the windows and doors are opened. I’ll be working in this lab for the next 3 hours for class, and then working on another project at around 7. Here’s a webcam . I just hope I don’t fall asleep trying to do my project.

My intermediate dynamics teacher is very unpredictable in his quizzes. I have no idea what he wants, sometimes he askes us to give equations, or describe what an equation is. One time he even gave us a multiple choice “Which one of these pictures is the first sample problem.” I think everyone does bad on his quizzes.

Finally, I feel sorry for that one person who left their debit card in the atm machine. I was walking by an atm, and I heard was it going beep beep beep, and I saw someone’s ATM card stuck in there. Now after thinking about it, I should have gone and picked it up and turned it into somewhere.

I think I must be losing my mind, because today I decided to use my priority registration. So I wrote out a check to the school in the amount of 1415, but when I wrote out the number I wrote “one hundred fourteen dollars”. I was wondering why the guy working was looking at my check funny. But then he said it was alright, and he just did something, “I think he must have pasted a number over what I wrote”, and everything was fine.

Next quarter, I’m taking a really light schedule, just incase I get really pillaged this quarter and need a quarter to regroup. I’m taking only one ME class, IME 100 level electronics class, and Social Ethics. So I think I should be able to get myself on track next quarter.

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